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17+ She-Ra characters who should be in Netflix' second season

17+ She-Ra characters who should be in Netflix' second season

They’re on the edge of greatness, turning darkness to light…

They’re on the edge of greatness, turning darkness to light…

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the Netflix original series from Dreamworks that reboots the classic 80s cartoon, made a respectable splash when it debuted on the streaming service last December. Created by Noelle Stevenson, the show pulled off some impressive challenges, most obviously creating an origin for the sword-swinging Princess that danced around her more famous brother to keep the focus on Adora and the Great Rebellion. It had a unique and breezy style, it took the characters of the old series and gave them fancy new designs, and it weaved together a diverse ensemble showcasing different ethnicities, body types, and of course relationships. While a lot happens in 13 episodes that utilized the characters well, there's still plenty more from the classic Filmation lineup that would make fine additions to the Best Friend Squad in the next block of episodes when the show returns April 26th (besides, of course, her twin brother Adam/He-Man and her royal parents, which the series will probably tackle eventually).

Several of these characters appeared as throwaway cameos, or were mentioned in passing, mainly in the episode ‘Princess Prom’ where Adora must frantically prepare for the festivities of the upcoming annual ball so are likely to make an appearance in the second round of episodes.


Kowl and Broom


To be clear, both of these quirky sidekicks technically did appear on the new series, but only as inanimate objects. Kowl was a stuffed animal taking up space in Glimmer's bedroom, and Madame Razz did carry a broom around that she spoke to as a trusted friend even though it never talked back.

On the classic series, Kowl was effectively the classic Gay Best Friend, faithfully tagging along with Adora, Glimmer, and of course Bo (his original BFF) on nearly every episode of the show. He was also one of the few characters who knew Adora's identity as She-Ra (though that doesn't really matter since the new show makes her transformation abilities into a matter of public record) and would feel too out-of-place in the new show's ensemble if that stuffed animal were to, say, magically come to life.

Although Madame Razz was a mainstay of the classic series, that was a time when the network preferred to feature more of the quirky kid-friendly sidekicks instead of the more interesting, more powerful princesses. (Too bad they never thought of Princess Prom.) And the original Razz (one of the few who knew Adora's secret) was never far from the walking, talking Broom, who was always ready with a cutting quip whenever the witch would mess up a spell. The Dreamworks version found time for one episode featuring Razz, and while she did carry a broom around that she spoke to like a trusted friend, it didn't appear to talk back. Still, Razz was a fun colorful member of the cast, and if she pops up again, maybe her imaginary companion will turn out to be not so imaginary.



Peekablue (Peeka for short) was She-Ra's adorable peacock-themed pal with a plume of tail feathers that allowed her to see great distances (including other planets). Peeka only appeared in three or four episodes, but was a prominent part of the old toyline all the same. Though absent from Season One, Peeka was one of several characters teased in Adora's 'Princess Prom' research and mural, so she's likely to pop up shortly. Once they settle on a unique design and temperament for the character, it might be good to figure out how her powers work and whether she has any limits; being able to see anything anywhere at her whim can be a little OP.

Sweet Bee


Hailing from outer space, Sweet Bee appeared twice: first in the seminal classic 'Sweet Bee's Home' and again near the end of the show's run in 'Assault on the Hive' where her Captain, at She-Ra's urging, made the decision to point their lost fleet toward Etheria and join the Rebellion. Sweet Bee's presence on Etheria has already been hinted at on the show (in Adora's mural detailing the Princess Prom), so she'll be first in line for an appearance in Season 2. Since it looks like she's on Etheria already, she probably won't be come with a fleet of bee-themed spaceships this time.

The Star Sisters


Fun story: this trio had been planned for a wave of new She-Ra dolls in the 80s complete with an origin story where they were trapped in a comet, but they were never produced since the show and the toyline were canceled, leaving a set of sought-after prototypes and a single appearance on the cartoon. Still, like Peekablue and Sweet Bee, the sisters known as Jewelstar, Tallstar, and Starla were on that Princess Mural and are likely to show up soon, finally getting their long-delayed time in the spotlight.



Joining the cast in the 80s show's second season, Flutterina got a crackling origin story in 'Out of the Cocoon' where she started as an unassuming servant girl who got injured helping She-Ra out of a Horde trap. From there she entered a magical cocoon, emerging with wings and powers all set to join the Rebellion. The pastel-colored butterfly-girl will fit right in with the BFS, we'll just wait and see if she'll have a similar rags-to-rebels story or, like Perfuma, she'll be a princess already with her own kingdom.

Grizzlor, Leech, and Mantenna


This gang were introduced in 80s as part of the He-Man line of action figures along with their boss Hordak, basically to give He-Man someone besides Skeletor to punch. Filmation imported them over to She-Ra's cartoon gallery of rogues to class up the joint, with Grizzlor as the hulking muscle, Leech as the gross one, and Mantenna as the goofy one who was often stuck being Hordak's stress ball. Grizzlor was relegated to a couple of cameos in the new first season, and the rest of the big bad monster boys of the Horde didn't get to appear at all, probably to keep the focus on the female cast in all their glory. (Weren't Scorpia and Entrapta delightful though?) Featuring Mantenna and Leech as well would help stack the odds against the Rebellion a little more.

Sorrowful the Dragon


Ah, Sorrowful. What a pal. Sorrowful the cowardly dragon was as powerful as a Horde squadron but afraid of everything. The fire-breathing gentle giant appeared in three classic episodes where he enjoyed something of an arc, growing from a timid behemoth afraid of his own shadow to a faithful ally ready to charge into danger to help his friends. It would be wild to see how the Dreamworks crew would handle such a character.

Horde Prime


The first block of new episodes kept Hordak, the show’s main antagonist, at arm’s length to make him a more ominous threat for later, which allowed him to be all the more menacing when he did appear. Besides the usual villainy, the series greatly emphasized Hordak as a stern-but-highly skilled manager, which surprisingly raised the suspense as we’re left to wonder how the Rebellion can topple a foe who can run his operation so efficiently. So if Hordak is the boss, it would be interesting to explore how he interacts with his boss. Horde Prime was the mysterious entity that Hordak served, never shown in full but known to be very large and sporting two heads. Several classic episodes (such as ‘Horde Prime Takes a Holiday’ and ‘For Want of a Horse’) focused on the beleaguered Hordak having to deal with his vastly powerful superior, to often hilarious results.

General Sunder


Sunder, memorably featured in two classic episodes, followed a similar path to Adora, leading Hordak's forces with pride until he figured out that they were evil. In the process, the honorable ex-Horde commander became one of the show's most interesting minor characters.



The vulture-like Hunga was the queen of the Harpies of Talon Mountain, and was the sworn enemy of Queen Angella. Although she only appeared in two Filmation episodes, even casual fans remember the twins fighting her in the 'Secret of the Sword' pilot movie to rescue Angella. Since the Queen of Bright Moon doesn't start the series imprisoned like she did in the old days, including her jailor and bitter rival Hunga may be a tad extraneous. Then again, it might be interesting to feature an Eternian princess who is perhaps not so pretty.

King Micah of Bright Moon


We're all pretty sure that Glimmer's dad isn't dead, right? Losing the King of Bright Moon before the first credits role certainly makes a compelling backstory for Glimmer and Queen Angella, while being true to the story on the old series as well as bringing mother and daughter closer together. But having Micah turn up alive would make for a dramatic twist, especially if he's in a tight spot (probably in Horde custody) where Glimmer and the rest of the Squad must stage a perilous rescue.



Huntara was a one-off nemesis in the classic episode of the same name, and was a space-faring warrior hired by Hordak to apprehend She-Ra. With a slick character design (modeled after Grace Jones) that stood out among the homogeneous Filmation cast and an array of unique weapons, Huntara made a splash with her single appearance.

A few more:

Captain Brann: Now that Frosta has joined the Great Rebellion for real, she could use a supporting cast. On the classic episode 'Black Snow' the man leading her army was a strapping Viking-esque gentlemen named Captain Brann who would do anything to protect his sovereign ruler.

Falcon: Sea Hawk's long-lost father, introduced in the 'Anchors Aloft' two-parter, went underground to raid and pillage Horde ships before meeting up with his estranged son in the present. Since the newer, quirkier Sea Hawk is a semi-regular on this show, having him hook up with his estranged old man would make for a good spotlight episode.

Dylamug: He never got an action figure, but Dylamug did appear several times as a Horde commander and minor antagonist for She-Ra and the gang, and had a unique design with his robot body with a face taking up his torso.

Shakra: Another one-off character, Shakra acted as Adora's primary caretaker and tutor, and popped up again in the present day wanting to defect to the Horde. She was largely responsible for Adora's unshakable moral compass that helped her break the Horde's sinister conditioning. Including a version of Shakra in the new series would add an extra layer to Adora and Catra's upbringing under the cruel and abusive Shadow Weaver.

Star Wind: When the old series was winding down, someone decided that Swift Wind should become a family horse, and we were introduced to his mare Star Wind and his bouncing baby unicorn.

Crystal Sun Dancer: In the toyline, Crystal was a horse packaged with Sweet Bee. On the cartoon, he was a Pegasus that could FLY THROUGH OUTER SPACE.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is produced by Dreamworks Animation and airs on Netflix. New episodes available April 26th, 2019.

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