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Batman TAS Review - Heart of Ice

Let our season 3 of reviews commence! Paul Dini and Bruce Timm team up for a classic tale of love, loss, and freeze rays.

Batman TAS Movie Review: Mask of the Phantasm (Part 1)

A new caped menace is executing Gotham gangsters, and police suspect Batman. He's got enough on his mind already when an old girlfriend comes back into his life to make things complicated. 

Batman TAS Movie Review: Mask of the Phantasm (Part 2)

Romance blooms for young Bruce, for whom everything always works out. Meanwhile Batman's conflict with the cops and the Phantasm escalates as the Joker enters the fray. 

Batman TAS Review: The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne

Bruce blunders into an evil resort to investigate blackmail and ends up blowing his identity to a mad scientist. Joker, Penguin, and Two-Face swing by to class up the joint.

Batman TAS Review: Eternal Youth

Bruce must rescue Alfred and his temporary love interest from Poison Ivy’s evil spa, with its evil mudbaths and evil tennis courts and evil nature hikes.

Batman TAS Review: Day of the Samurai

When a certain ninja from Bruce's past resurfaces in Japan, he's determined to acquire a forbidden technique to use against Batman. Someone won't walk away from this fight.

Batman TAS Review: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

Edward Nygma just wants his boss to respect him. So he dresses in a green suit with a matching bowler hat and domino mask. That’ll show him.

Batman TAS Review: Fear of Victory

Scarecrow's back with a new face and a scheme to make a bunch of athletes piss themselves. Wait, Robin's kind of an athlete, isn't he? Bring him along, he'll be a great help.

Batman TAS Review: Zatanna

Bruce plans to catch up with an old friend, but has to suit up when she's framed for a robbery. How was she framed? MAGIC!

Batman TAS Review: The Laughing Fish

No really, Joker's going straight this time, just wants to start his own business and sell some fish. He's just gotta murder some people and it'll all work out.

Batman TAS Review: Vendetta

A bunch of key witnesses get snatched, and Batman suspects Bullock, the guy on the force who hates him the most. But there's something else at work, something called Killer Croc.